FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Playing Sudoku
2. Web Browser Compatibility
3. Printing Sudoku Puzzles
4. Feedback and Support
5. Additional Resources

1. Playing Sudoku

Q1.1 What is Sudoku?

Sudoku is a Japanese number game. It has been revitalized recently and has become extremely popular in Japan and the rest of the world.

Q1.2 Why should I play Sudoku?

There are many advantages to playing Sudoku.

  • First of all, it is a lot of fun and challenge. The satisfaction of solving a game can be very rewarding.
  • Like many other puzzles and games, Sudoku makes the players think and correlate information, which can help increase concentration and brain power. Playing around with numbers can also help kids become more comfortable with numbers and maths.
  • Sudoku does not require expensive specialized equipment to play; just a pencil/paper and a home PC for everyday use are all you need.

Of course, you may have your own reason for playing Sudoku. In any case, have fun while at it!!

Q1.3 What rules must I follow while playing Sudoku?

Please see the Sudoku Tips and Algorithms page for more information on how to play the games.

Q1.4 Why does my Sudoku have an irregular shape? How do I play this one?

Sudoku has many variations, and the game you are trying may be one of the variations. Please see the Sudoku Tips and Algorithms page, which describes rules for playing regular Sudoku as well as ones for playing the variations.

Q1.5 I am finding it difficult/impossible to get the solution. Should I just guess?

Guessing is usually not a good idea. Each Sudoku puzzle has a unique solution, which can be arrived at without any guesswork whatsoever. The Tips & Strategies page in the Sitemap section has some pointers on how to go about solving a Sudoku.

If you find a particular Sudoku too difficult, check the puzzle level. If you are just starting with Sudoku, start at the Easy level. With practice, you will get better and you can go onto more difficult and challenging levels.

Q1.6 What is the best strategy to solve a Sudoku puzzle?

There are some strategies which can help in solving all Sudoku puzzles. However, there is no one hard and fast rule or formula which will guarantee a solution.

Q1.7 How do I know if my solution is correct?

Clicking on the "Check your Solution" button will tell you whether your solution is correct or not.

This method works even if you have not filled in all the blank cells. In fact, it is a good idea to check your numbers every now and then. If this is not done, you can end up spending a lot of time solving the puzzle, only to find at the very end that you have gone wrong somewhere. It may be difficult to backtrack, since the errors accumulate in Sudoku.

2. Web Browser Compatibility

Q2.1 I see some message like "JavaScript must be enabled to play Sudoku". What does this mean?

You must have JavaScript enabled for SudokuSplashZone web pages to operate fully. The Technical FAQs have a JavaScript section, which offers some help on enabling JavaScript in your web browser.

Q2.2 I see some message like "Blocked Content" from my web browser and I see nothing much on the website. What is wrong?

Some browsers have high security settings, which prevent them from executing certain parts of a webpage. Please contact your system administrator to see how JavaScripts can be allowed on your browser. Also, refer to Q2.1.

Q2.3 I have trouble using the mouse and/or the arrow keys to navigate around the Sudoku grid and filling the values.

First ensure that JavaScript is enabled on your browser (refer Q2.1). If you still have problems, it is possible that your browser type is not supported by SudokuSplashZone.

Q2.4 I have XYZ problem with the web pages.

Please search this FAQ to see if your problem has some documented solutions.

3. Printing Sudoku Puzzles

Q3.1 How can I play Sudoku if I don't have access to a computer at all times?

You can print a Sudoku puzzle from SudokuSplashZone web site, and you can even print a booklet of a group of puzzles. Please see the Print Sudoku e-books section for more details.

4. Feedback and Support

Q4.1 If I have a new idea for improvement or enhancement of SudokuSplashZone, can I suggest it?

Definitely!! Please visit our Feedback page and send us your suggestions.

Q4.2 I noticed a problem/mistake on SudokuSplashZone website. How can I report it?

First, search the FAQ to ensure that the problem is indeed with the webpage. After that, you can report the problem on our Feedback page.

5. Additional Resources

Q5.1 Can I link to SudokuSplashZone from my own website?

Yes you can. We even have a cool SudokuSplashZone button and some ready made links for you to use. You can find these on the Link To Us page in the Sitemap section

You can also use your own text descriptions to link to our site. Note that it is best to link to the site's main URL (http://www.sudokusplashzone.com). The URLs of the internal pages are subject to change, and may get outdated with time.

Q5.2 I have a question that is not answered in the FAQ. What can I do?

You can send us your question from the Feedback page. But please be aware that, due to high volume of user queries, we may not be able to respond individually to each and every query.

Q5.3 . I run a website/newspaper/magazine, and I want to host some Sudoku puzzles on it. Can SudokuSplashZone help me?

Yes we can. Please let us know of your requirement, and we will try to help you in anyway we can.