Privacy Policy

1. Disclosing your e-mail address and name
2. Information Collection
3. Other Privacy Issues

Our privacy policy has been designed keeping you - SudokuSplashZone user - in mind. For your ease of reading and understanding, we have formatted our policy as a list of FAQs.

1. Disclosing your e-mail address and name

Q1.1 Why do you need my name and e-mail address?

We may require your name and e-mail address for multiple reasons:

  • If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we require your e-mail address to send you the newsletters.
  • If you contact us with a query, and if you need a response to the query, we do need your e-mail address, without which, we will be unable to respond to you. However, if you are only sending us some feedback, providing your e-mail address is optional.

Q1.2 Will you share my e-mail address with your affiliate/partner companies?

No, we will not.

Q1.3 Willl you sell my e-mail address to anyone?

No, we will not.

Q1.4 If I provide you my e-mail address, will you spam me with lots of junk mail?

No, we will not.

If you have explicitly registered for our newsletter, we will send you those. But we do try to ensure not to send out too many newsletters. You can reasonably expect about 1-3 newsletters per month.

Q1.5 How can I start/stop receiving e-mails from you?

All of our e-mails sent out to members will contain an unsubscribe blurb at the end. Clicking on that link will take you to our unsubscribe page, from where you can tell us to stop sending you mails.

If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, you can do so here.

2. Other Information

Q2.1 What other information do you collect about me?

We may collect usage information regarding the most/least used webpages on our site, most preferred game types, etc.

We may also collect your PC's IP address and store it for a while on our servers. This is done to prevent our servers from getting spammed and attacked.

Q2.2 How do you use such information?

Web page usage statistics are used to determine how to optimize our website for a better user experience.

If we suspect that someone may be using our webpages to spam us or do us any harm, we may use the collected information to help and aid any investigtions undertaken by legal authorities.

Q2.3 So if I abuse your website, will you sue me?

Oh, you bet we will!! Spamming and other such activities are a disease on the internet, and we will do everything in our means to prosecute individuals who perpetrate such acts.

3. Other Privacy Issues

Q3.1 If I have further questions about my privacy, who can I talk to?

Please use our contact/feedback form to send us your queries. Though we cannot guarantee a personal response to your query, we will try to respond. If you would like to receive a response, please include your e-mail address while contacting us.